• "The Staatskapelle Dresden accompanied this musical journey with enormous clarity of articulation under the precise conducting of Stefan Lano. The varieties of sound and atmosphere within the individual scenes are meticulously honed, while the singers are guided with the greatest of care. The singers audibly profited from Lano‘s subtle work with the Staatskapelle."

  • "There are outstanding musicians at work here, and when Stefan Lano conducts the Staatskapelle Dresden, the sound is simply sublime: wonderful balance within the orchestra and between orchestra and stage; a clear enjoyment in creating unusual orchestral effects; and a complete artistic commitment crowned with chamber music-like finesse."

  • "With Stefan Lano, leading the Staatskapelle Dresden, the orchestra seemingly levitates out of the orchestra pit. With abundant confidence, affection and with outstanding precision and touching lyricism, the Semper Oper has presented a most satisfying rendition of this late Henze opera."

  • "Stefan Lano, until now, the hero of the recent Alban Berg productions at the Colon, offered an ideal Bartok. All of the nuances of secret and suggestion called for in this wonderful score can be heard in the unusually beautiful interpretation of Lano and the Colon orchestra: an accomplishment worthy of being counted as among the best the Teatro Colon has offered."

    CLARIN, Buenos Aires
  • "With Stefan Lano, who makes his debut with the San Francisco Opera in this production, the score gets a full, eloquent reading. Berg's music is nothing short of electrifying-romantic and opulent.  All sounds grand and inspired under Stefan Lano's baton."

    Contra Costa Newspapers - Time Out
  • "… Todo esto contribuyó a que este concierto inaugural de la temporada 2012 fuera un espectáculo memorable. Es de desear que Stefan Lano se mantenga al frente de la OSSODRE para volver a dar el prestigio que caracterizó a la orquesta en el pasado."

    El Pais, Montevideo
  • "...For his part, Stefan Lano again offered a master class on how one should accompany a soloist while also illuminating the orchestra from the very first moments of the concerto."

    El Pais
  • Inauguration of New Hamburg Steinway with Barry Douglas

    For his part, the always efficient performing of Stefan Lano again made sure that the orchestra was of the same level as the brilliant soloist, Barry Douglas. It should be reiterated that within the brief time that he has been in Montevideo, Lano has already demonstrated that the orchestra is again capable of sounding as in years past.

    El Pais
  • The Göteborg Opera Orchestra conducted by Stefan Lano distinguishes itself as an ensemble of the highest caliber. A romantic glow enhances every note coming from the orchestra pit. This is a production in which all the parts blend together making for a stunning and luscious performance. An indelible impression was left by the Liebestod which was truly magical and among the best renditions I have experienced.

    SR Radio
  • The Göteborg Opera Orchestra sounds fantastic under the masterful direction of Stefan Lano. Tristan und Isolde may be a tragic love story, but the orchestra contributes sufficient energy such that the performance passes more quickly than one might imagine. This rendition of Wagner's masterpiece is ready for the gramophone.

    Göteborgs Tinningen Expressen
  • Conductor Stefan Lano creates a feeling of calm in the orchestra which radiates with pristine clarity and precision.

    Svenska Dagbladet
  • What is evident is that Lano is very comfortable with Mahler, a fact which is understandable if we take into account that the nucleus of his musical formation brought him for many years to Berlin, Graz and Vienna.

    BUSQUEDA (Montevideo)
  • ...The Maestro obtained from the orchestra sudden changes of dynamics, very eloquent accents, expectant pauses and those dramatic explosions which are the essence of this Resurrection Symphony. The farewell concert of Maestro Lano was, with any doubt, a golden crown of these three years of arduous work with the Orchestra. He ends in brilliant form having achieved a musical level for which we shall never be able to reward him.

    EL PAIS Uruguay
  • Lano not only prepared the orchestra to an extraordinary level of detail, rather he knew how to create with his imperious conducting technique and his force of temperament, an atmosphere in which the musicians felt engulfed in a passionate collaboration.

    EL PAIS Uruguay
  • Lano’s choice of the work for his final concert could not have been more eloquent: the gigantic Second Symphony of Gustav Mahler as a final crown jewel capping off his three years of outstanding work during which the National Symphony SODRE evidenced a return to the level of excellence which it enjoyed during the epochs of Erich Kleiber, Paul Paray and Fritz Busch.

    EL PAIS Uruguay