Anton Bruckner, Symphony N° 4
National Symphony of Uruguay

EL PAIS Uruguay

Julio César Huertas, 10 July 2014

A Voyage to Remarkable Levels

... The Fourth Symphony of Anton Bruckner signaled another interpretive triumph for Lano who understood how to bestow both expansive breadth as well as a halo of pastoral clarity over this beautiful and characteristic work of the Austrian composer.

The National Symphony performed with masterful vigor demonstrating exemplary homogeneity between the choirs of the orchestra while always maintaining dynamic equilibrium.

Today, seventy-three years after its founding, the National Symphony SODRE can feel proud that in little more than two years, Lano has accomplished raising the level of playing to that of the best epochs of the institution. One can only hope that when the new government and authorities enter in the coming year, they will recognize the extraordinary work realized by Maestro Lano which has so enriched the culture and development of the orchestra.