Richard Strauss, Oboe Concerto (Federico Curti)
Dimitri Shostakovich, Symphony N° 5
Teatro SODRE, Montevideo, Uruguay

EL PAIS Uruguay

Julio César Huertas, 24 March 2014

National Symphony Shines in Two Works

...The young Uruguayan oboist, Federico Curti demonstrated his serene musicality displaying his brilliant virtuosity while maintaining the element of balance so necessary to the Oboe Concerto of Richard Strauss. His sound was truly of the highest caliber with a transparent and colorful sense of phrasing. Stefan Lano emphasized with his conducting the support and empathy so vital to the orchestral accompaniment of the soloist.
...The version of the Fifth Symphony of Shostakovich celebrated by Lano and the orchestra was without doubt of notable superiority. The performance of the orchestra fully manifested the intertwined sound-worlds of each movement, the atmosphere of each, ideal in underscoring the dignity of structure. One was constantly aware of the highest quality of balance, the ambiance of which Lano succeeded in presenting a musical discourse exalting the musical spontaneity and noble purity of content of this symphony. The polished level of expression in evidence in the execution of the "Largo" provoked the expansion of sensitivities and perceptions which each of us has hidden deep within our souls. Lano continues to return our National Symphony to a level comparable to any international orchestra. The musicians demonstrated that, despite the internal conflicts they are enduring with the current government, when it comes to their work, they are musicians first and afterwards, public employees. All the more, did they deserve the ovation awarded them by the public.