Mozart, Piano Concerto K. 488 (Nibya Mariño)
Mahler, Symphony N° 1 (Titan)
Auditorium Adela Reta, Teatro SODRE, Montevideo, Uruguay


Julio César Huertas, Uruguay, 06/04/2013

The Majesty of a Great Pianist

On the 22nd of March, the Uruguayan pianist, Nibya Mariño, was honored at the SODRE as one of the "Distinguished Personalities of Uruguay." It underscores the trajectory of her long, international career that this distinction came one day before her 94th birthday. Music Director, Stefan Lano did not doubt for a moment that he would again open the symphonic season 2013, as he did in 2012, collaborating with her this year in the beautiful Concerto N° 23 for Piano and Orchestra of Mozart. Nibya once again demonstrated that a lifetime of discipline and study bears fruit even late in life...

... For his part, Lano rounded out the dynamics in various sectors of the orchestra as to maintain the clarity of the solo instrument.

In the second part of the program, we heard the Symphony N° 1 of Gustav Mahler. Lano, now with the orchestra in full force, again demonstrated that he is a great conductor with a profound sense and empathy for all scores which he conducts. He is a master of the ductility of beautiful sound; and, most importantly, his technique with the baton fully transmits his intention and emotion both to the musicians of the orchestras as well as to the public. This was a most satisfying concert in which both artists received long ovations from the public.