Humperdinck: Hänsel und Gretel
Auditorium Dra. Adela Reta, Teatro SODRE, Montevideo, Uruguay

EL PAIS Uruguay

Julio César Huertas, Uruguay, 17/06/2013

...Finally, it must be noted how the National Symphony undergoes a complete transformation whenever Lano is conducting: the strings take on a flexibility creating the impression that one solo instrument is multiplied in perfect ensemble throughout each section and the same can be noted in each choir of the orchestra. His sense of texture and accentuation, his multiplicity of rhythmic color and harmonic balance never fail to achieve a global effect of surprising clarity. Lano is not only a great conductor, but also commands a broad and profound sense of culture evidenced in his understanding of diverse interpretive styles. His versions of the Overture and Witch╩╝s Ride were of exceptional finesse