National Theater of Uruguay

El Pais

A Great Evening Welcoming a New Music Director
This concert marked an exceptional evening in which the new Music Director of the National Theater, Maestro Stefan Lano, was welcomed to Montevideo. Under the guidance of Lano, one could take note of a remarkable metamorphosis of the orchestra. His selection of the program was didactic in that his choices of the works presented always had points which connected them to one another: works of North American composers who incorporated popular music of Latin America into their own genre.

It is worth noting that, after a long period during which the orchestra has scarcely been present, they are now working in full force. It was astonishing to observe the impeccable performance of the percussion section, not only as part of the musical texture, but as fundamental factors in the musical discourse. Lano conducts in a manner both rhythmically precise while flexible in providing dramatic impulses and structural clarification. His refined artistic quality could be observed in the interpretation of each author of the evening, demonstrating his mastery of all of the idioms.

...All of this made for a memorable inaugural concert. One can but hope that Stefan Lano remains in front of our orchestra that it may return to the prestige which it enjoyed in past eras.


The Symphony Orchestra of the SODRE again brilliant under
Stefan Lano

...For his part, Stefan Lano again offered a master class on how one should accompany a soloist while also illuminating the orchestra from the very first moments of the concerto.

...The progress of the orchestra with its new director becomes more noticeable with each concert. If Julio Bocca has succeeded in raising the level of performance of the ballet, Lano is realizing no less an accomplishment with the orchestra. Once more, he demonstrated the importance of having a permanent conductor for the orchestra as we note a return to the sound we enjoyed under previous conductors such as Lamberto Baldi, Jiam José Castro and Paul Paray. This accounts, no doubt, for the new stimulation of our cultural ambience such that this third of the series of concerts was, as the first two, completely sold out.


Inauguration of New Hamburg Steinway with Barry Douglas
For his part, the always efficient performing of Stefan Lano again made sure that the orchestra was of the same level as the brilliant soloist, Barry Douglas. It should be reiterated that within the brief time that he has been in Montevideo, Lano has already demonstrated that the orchestra is again capable of sounding as in years past.


TURANDOT at the Teatro SODRE
Maestro Stefan Lano conducted the Orchestra of the SODRE with great authority which with each presentation consolidates its interpretative quality. His version encompassed the vast sonic planes of PucciniΚΌ s score while not omitting even the slightest of details. At no time was the dominance of the voices hindered in maintaining their place as the central protagonists of the complex musical texture.