Alexander von Zemlinsky, Eine florentinische Tragödie
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Violanta
Teatro Colón

Tiempo de Música

Ernesto Castagnino 14/10/2010

Una tragedia florentina y Violanta en el Teatro Colón
Stefan Lano – who in 1999 presented the other Korngold opera, Die tote Stadt – returned for another encounter with the orchestra which he has conducted so often over the years and to which there is a bond of obvious affection. The quality of sound which Lano achieves with the Colón Orchestra is magnificent and his attention to detail brought forth both the rich timbres of these two operas, imbuing them with a forceful sweep, while still tending to the stylistic differences between each score. The renditions of both the Zemlinsky and Korngold operas in a single evening succeeded in constructing a dramatic crescendo, which was more akin to a musical vortex which engulfed in equal measure, the musicians, singers and public, thus consolidating both to a musical evening of the highest order.


La Nación

Pablo Gianera 14/10/2010

Passionate Double-Bill at the Colón in a great rendition by Stefan Lano
The success of these versions of A Florentine Tragedy and Violanta must be attributed to Stefan Lano. An authentic specialist of this repertoire, Lano did not only achieve a seamless rendition from the Resident Orchestra of the Teatro Colón, but created a connective thread between the two while clarifying the singularities of the contentious debate between the excessive melodrama of both scores. Perhaps it was precisely the well-considered combination of these two faces of incipient modernism which transfigured itself into a program of such passion.


Pagina 12

Diego Fischermann 14/10/2010

The game of similarities and differences
The orchestra was confronted with two highly demanding scores – that of Korngold being more virtuosic and brilliant, while less intricate and transparent than Zemlinsky – responded perfectly to the conducting of the expert, Stefan Lano, achieving perfect, collective ensemble throughout the sections. And, above all, Lano succeeded in maintaining the sense of unity between both works.


Ambito Financiero

Margarita Pollini 14/10/2010

Teatro Colón settles a debt with Korngold and Zemlinsky
Stefan Lano, a perfect leader of the soloists and the Resident Orchestra – brilliant throughout the evening – conducted this program with authority. The Colón has now settled its debt with these two seminal titles of the twentieth century.


Buenos Aires Herald

Jaime Botana 19/10/2010

Cutting-edge programming at the Colón
The versions of Florentine Tragedy and Violanta were unarguably excellent, and the first to be congratulated is Maestro Stefan Lano, who conducted in total command of these nearly impossible scores. Also, applause for the Resident Orchestra of the Teatro Colón, which played with the passion, expertise and beauty with which they regale their favorite conductors.


Buenos Aires Herald

Pablo Bardin 19/10/2010

Operatic Triangles in the Midst of War
A much-appreciated conductor was in charge: Stefan Lano. With his consummate command and clarity of gesture, he extracted fine work from the Resident Orchestra which is enduring yet another difficult period at the theater. And Lano deeply understands the aesthetics of both operas.