Stravinsky, The Rake's Progress
(Teatro Colón 2001)


Federico Monjeau

Already in the powerful fanfare at the opening of the opera, one perceived the security of the musicians and the security of the conductor, Stefan Lano. The work of Lano is masterful; precise, subtle and expressive, he chooses the best tempos imaginable and creates most delicate situations and moods of beautiful chamber music. The orchestra responded admirably.


La Nacion

Martin Liut

Public and orchestra applauded enthusiastically the conductor, Stefan Lano in his long anticipated return to the Teatro Colón. He again demonstrated his technical solidity in realizing a most difficult opera at a very high niveau of performance. The Rake's Progress is extremely demanding for the orchestra, with many exposed passages demanding Mozartian clarity and precision. Lano accomplished this with his customary professionalism.


La Prensa

Carlos Ernesto Ure

On the podium was the Bostonian conductor Stefan Lano who had once again mesmerized the orchestra to a level of concentration, which was perceptible to all. They celebrated a most solid rendition: very well controlled, musically exquisite and with a dramatic sweep uncommon for this most difficult score.