Igor Stravinsky, Oedipus Rex
Teatro Argentino, 2000


Federico Monjeau

The opera chorus, prepared by Vittorlo Siccuri played a major role in this production and the musical rendition extracted from chorus, soloists and orchestra by the conductor, Stefan Lano was, impressive. The music of Oedipus Rex is particularly complicated: quick alterations of tempo and orchestral texture; exposed and difficult writing for the woodwinds and sinuous and strident effects for the strings. All fell perfectly into place. Stefan Lano is a rarity among conductors: consistently demanding; always improving the caliber of the orchestra; and yet, regarded with such obvious affection by them. His capacity as Principal Guest Conductor in La Plata, indeed, his mere presence there, is intimately connected with the dramatic development of the orchestra we have thus far witnessed.


La Nacion

Jorge Aráoz Badi

The emotional impact of Stravinsky's music and most particularly, that pertaining to Oedipus Rex, emanates from the orchestra. For many years now, Stefan Lano has come to be regarded as an excellent cultural acquisition for Argentina as he has regularly returned to assume the conducting responsibilities for, above all, contemporary repertoire. In these performances, he again demonstrated his capacity for rendering difficult music with coherency: responding to formal exigencies without deducting from the inner impulse and spontaneity of the music. He achieved from the Orquesta Estable of the Teatro Argentino a remarkably beautiful sound and musical rendition. From the outset, the drama was presented such that the public was riveted to the music coming from the orchestra pit for it is here that we find the essence of this most significant creation of the twentieth century.



Pablo Kohan

In the end though, the greatest praise must be for the orchestra and, especially for Stefan Lano. This conductor, one of the most talented to appear on this scene in recent yearsinitially at the Colón and now, at the Argentino as well, has demonstrated time and again his remarkable musical and technical capacity. The concerts and operas under his leadership have consistently been of an excellent artistic niveau. Without his participation, it is probable that the musical glories of Oedipus Rex and The Miraculous Mandarin would have gone unnoticed. Fortunately, Stravinsky and Bartok had an artist capable of presenting their works in the best manner possible.